Would doctors and nurses be required to provide abortions under the new law?

No. Under the proposed new law, as under the current law, medical professionals would enjoy a right of conscientious objection. Except in emergencies, they would be entitled to refuse to participate in an abortion. However, they would be required to refer the patient to another practitioner who can provide the care she needs.
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When will abortion be legal after 12 weeks?

 The government proposes to legalise abortion after 12 weeks in four situations:

  • Where there is a risk to a woman’s life
  • Where there is a  risk to serious harm to a woman’s  physical or mental health
  • In emergency situations where there is an immediate risk to a woman’s life or a risk of serious harm to her health
  • Where the foetus has been diagnosed with a condition that means it will die before or shortly after birth (fatal foetal anomaly)

Except in emergencies or in cases of fatal foetal anomaly abortion will be illegal after the foetus has reached viability.Read More »

New booklet!

In collaboration with Lawyers for Choice, we have produced a new booklet providing short accessible answers to key questions about the referendum. We hope it will be a useful way of encouraging undecided voters to come and take a closer look at the more detailed answers here on the site. Look out for hard copies of the booklet in the future.

Our printing budget is very limited. However, we welcome any local canvassing group who want to print out and distribute their own copies. Please just tag us on twitter at @aboutthe8th to let us know that you are using the booklet.

Kathy at We Do Printing (www.wedoprinting.ie) designed the booklet and we highly recommend her work.

Download here.


The booklet also comes in an ‘Easy to Read’ version, which you can download here